Fluval Edge Tuning

People interested in the Fluval Edge fish tank usually are aware of the issues in the lighting solution. The LED built in is pretty weak, pretty central and pretty cold, which does not look that well and also is an issue for plants.
On the internet, you can find plenty of solutions to tune the lighting. But many of them are still having issues. Some people built a cube out of 2nd platform, the tank is located on. However they are complaining about heat issues. Others have used cable conduits which are hard to nicely connect. And others have even added active cooling. Two good examples can be found here:

What we wanted to achieve is some solution that is easy to build, looks good and does not have the heat issues. So our first idea was to put LEDs into the top cover, since it contains slits. However that was a huge issue because cleaning and feeding is severely hindered by all the cables in there.
We had to re-plan with the existing LEDs. So our decision was to build a cube with acrylic glass. The top panels were planned to contain "borewells". This solution has now been running for multiple weeks and we are very happy with the result,

This is the plan we made. As you can see, we changed two things in the end. We did not put any crossbars into our solution, but made it easier with wood. And we extended the inner side pieces to get better pricing.
Check below, how this turned out.
This is how we glued together the parts. One very important hint if you use glue for acrylic materials: make sure you use tape for any splice, since you might get nasty damages if the glue floats somewhere it should not go to. Unfortunately that happened to us.
Another small hint: You can see the inner borders are shorter than the outer borders. This is almost not visible when put on the tank, but saves money, since multiple parts of the same size are much cheaper.
This picture shows the LEDs built in. They are screwed down on small wooden cubes that are again glued to the acrylic glass. Depending on the light situation, you can slightly see the cubes in the end. So you might want to put white color on top of the wood. You might also use an acrylic glass cube as an alternative.
For powering the LEDs and the pump, we used a Meross smart power strip with 3 outlets. This can be connected to HomeKit and automized. It also has a perfect size to hide all the cables of the LEDs. Here you can also see the advantage of having the cube built until the end of the fish tank.
This is the final result taken with my DSLR. We are really happy with the color of the light, the brightness and also the lighting out to the edges. For the LEDs we have put in two warm white versions in the middle and two daylight versions on the sides. This creates a good combination.
This solution in my eyes keeps the good looks of the Fluval Edge combined with lighting that is bright enough and has a good color temperature. Unfortunately it cannot be called cheap.
Both our fish Gustav and us are happy with the result ;-)


A final note: our fighting fish needs to be able to breathe. Make sure you don't fully fill the fish tank for such a fish to survive in the Edge.




07/28/2021: Mesa Verde.

07/28/2021: Fluval Edge Tuning.

05/18/2021: Arches National Park.

05/16/2021: Bryce Canyon.




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